Daniel García

PhD Candidate 2017-2018

Wyman 544E
Curriculum Vitae
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Thesis Title: "Essays on Credit Supply and Demand In the Housing Boom and the Bust"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: Macroeconomics, Banking, Consumer Finance

Main Advisor: Christopher Carroll


"Employment in the Great Recession: How Important were Household Credit Supply Shocks?" (Job Market Paper)

"Property Investors and the Housing Boom and Bust"

"Can Risky Rural-Urban Migration Explain the Flow of Capital from Developing to Advanced Economies?"

"Did Originate-to-Distribute Mortgage Lenders Expand Faster in the Boom?"

Other Activity:

Dissertation fellow at the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 2016, 2017


Seminar in Financial Literacy (Undergraduate), Winter 2016, 2017.
Macroeconometrics (Masters), Summer 2016.
Elements of Microeconomics (Undergraduate), Summer 2014, 2015.


Professor Christopher Carroll - ccarroll@jhu.edu
Professor Jon Faust - faustj@jhu.edu
Professor Jonathan Wright - wrightj@jhu.edu