Dan Li

PhD Candidate 2016-2017

Wyman 544E
Curriculum Vitae

Thesis Title: "Essays on Inflation Dynamics Estimation"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: Macro-econometrics, monetary economics, empirical macroeconomics

Main Advisor: Jonathan Wright


"Estimating Short-run Inflation Dynamics with Disaggregate Information and Selected Instruments " (job market paper)

"The examination of Inflation Dynamics in US Sectors" (in progress)

"The New Keynesian Phillips Curve in Euro Zone" (in progress)

Other Activity:

Summer Intern, PNC Bank Headquater at Pittsburgh, Summer 2013
Short Term Consultant, World Bank, 2014


Journal of Applied Econometrics, Feb 2016


Elements of Macroeconomics, Summer 2014, Instructor
Statistical Inference (graduate) Fall 2012, TA
Financial Markets and Institutions, Spring 2013, TA
Economics of Health Fall 2013, TA
International Monetary Economics, Spring 2014, 2015, TA
Monetary Analysis, Fall 2014, TA
Econometrics, Fall 2015, TA
Intermediate Macroeconomics, Spring 2016, TA
Economics for Decision Making (graduate), Fall 2016, TA


Professor Jonathan H. Wright -
Professor Richard Spady -
Professor Olivier Jeanne -