Chang Ma

PhD Candidate 2017-2018

Wyman 544E
Curriculum Vitae
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Thesis Title: "Essays on International Finance and Regulation"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: International Finance, Macroeconomics, Macroprudential Policy

Main Advisor: Olivier Jeanne (co-chair) and Anton Korinek (co-chair)


"Financial Stability, Growth and Macroprudential Policy" (Job Market Paper)

"Welfare Gains from Market Insurance: The Case of Mexico and Oil-price Risk" (with Fabian Valencia, 2017)

"Self-Regulation versus Government Regulation" (2017)

"Too Big To Fail: Toward Optimal Regulation" (with Hai Nguyen, 2017)

"Exchange Rate Regimes and Economic Performance: A Panel Data Study, 1990-2005" (with Xuefei Bai and Mo Tian, World Economy Study, 2009, Serial No.185., in Chinese)


2017: GW Student Research Conference, Spring Midwest Macro Meetings, Georgetown Center for Economic Research Biennial Conference, Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society, China Meeting of the Econometric Society, RCEA Macro-Money-Finance Workshop, IWFSAS Workshop at HEC Montreal, SEA Annual Conference.

Invited Workshops:

Macro Financial Modeling Summer Camp, Becker Friedman Institute, 2016.
Princeton Initiative: Macro, Money and Finance, 2015.

Professional Experience:

Summer Internship at International Monetary Fund, work on IMF Country Report No. 16/360, 2016.

Research Assistant Prof. Olivier Jeanne, Fall 2016
Research Assistant Prof. Alessandro Rebucci, Summer 2015, 2017
Research Assistant Prof. Anton Korinek, Summer, Fall 2014


Professor Joel Dean Undergraduate Teaching Award, for best teaching assistant, Johns Hopkins University, 2016.
Clarence M. Guggenheimer Graduate Student Award, for outstanding research, Johns Hopkins University, 2015.
Eugenio and Patricia Castillo Award, for best performance in the first two years, Johns Hopkins University, 2014.
Owen Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, 2012-2015.


International Monetary Economics (Undergraduate), Summer 2015, Instructor.
Elements of Macroeconomics (Undergraduate), Fall 2017, TA.
Macroeconomic Strategies (Undergraduate), Spring 2017, TA.
International Monetary Economics (Undergraduate), Spring 2016, TA.
Topics in International Macro and Finance (Undergraduate), Fall 2015, 2016, TA.
Derivatives (Graduate), Spring 2014, TA.
Macroeconomic Theory (Graduate), Spring 2014, 2015, TA.
Behavioral Finance (Undergraduate), Fall 2013, TA.
Microeconometrics (Graduate), Summer 2011, TA.


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Professor Anton Korinek -
Professor Christopher Carroll -