Servers and Server Access

The Economics Department operates and maintains a number of servers for faculty and student use.

  • Application Server – Amber, hosting a number of Econometric applications (Matlab, Stata, EViews, Gauss, R, MathType) available for graduate student use in the lab.
  • File Server – Stella, main file storage for faculty and students.
  • Print Server – Aspen, handling all networked printers around the department.
  • Web Server, hosting faculty personal webpages, course materials, seminar, jobmarket as well as other paper archives.
  • Linux server – Galaxy, for faculty and advanced graduate student use. Please e-mail Nina Agopian to request an account. Available applications: Matlab, Stata MP4, Mathematica, R.
  • Virtual Application Server (Sierra) – for faculty and advanced graduate student use (5th and 6th year). All other students by request only. Access instructions – PDF.
    Available applications: MS Office, WordPad, Matlab, R, Rstudio, Stata SE, Mathematica.
  • KSAS Grid – 8 node, 96 core Dell computational grid running MatLab Distributed Computing Server and Mathematica Lightweight Grid Manager. Both are accessible from all econ lab . E-mail Nina Agopian for access instructions.
  • Linux Cluster – Kirin, a Dell 17 node Linux cluster, shared use with Biophysics. All programs and applications run on the cluster use the Sun Grid Engine for job submission. Please e-mail Nina Agopian to request an account.